Jan Visser, cssr, moraaltheoloog

Zijn houding tgo. homoseksualiteit



Zijn rol bij de totstandkoming van Humanae vitae


The Minority Report was signed by four moral theologians: John Ford, S.J., Jan Visser, C.SS.R., Marcelino Zalba, S.J., and Stanislaus de Lestapis, S.J.


Zijn rol bij de censuur van de Nieuwe Katechismus


Visser was een van "de drie Romeinse theologen (Eduard Dhanis SJ, Jan Visser C.Ss.R. en Benedict Lemeer O.P.) die in Gazzada drie personen die verantwoordelijk waren voor de inhoud van de Nieuwe Katechismus (W. Bless s.j., Pater Schoonenberg s.j. en Edward Schillebeeckx o.p.) gingen ontmoeten".


[voetnoot] 3. The starting point in experience for treating original sin (and much of the rest of the approach in this chapter) was suggested by the original text and supplement authorized by the Holy See to the "Dutch" catechism: A New Catechism: Catholic Faith for Adults (New York: Seabury Press, 1973), 259-70; Edouard Dhanis, S.J., and Jan Visser, C.Ss.R., "The Supplement to 'A New Catechism': On Behalf of the Commission of Cardinals appointed to examine 'A New Catechism,"?' 519-38.


Consultor van de penitentiarie


Jan Visser is van 1970 tot 1984 counsellor van de Apostolische Penitentiarie



Zijn rol bij de totstandkoming van Persona humana


Can someone be involved in a lesbian or gay relationship and still be a faithful Catholic?

Certainly yes, not as a matter of public Church teaching but as a matter of conscience, as a matter of personal application of the whole of Catholic teaching to their particular case.

In 1975, the Vatican published a Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics. One of those questions was homosexuality. A principal author of that document was Fr. Jan Visser, C.Ss.R. In an interview in L'Europa, January 30, 1976, he said, "When one is dealing with people who are so deeply homosexual that they will be in serious personal and perhaps social trouble unless they attain a steady partnership within their homosexual lives, one can recommend them to seek such a partnership, and one accepts this relationship as the best they can do in their present situation." One of the very men who formulated the Vatican teaching that homogenital acts are wrong allows that in certain cases one may not only permit but even recommend a homosexual relationship.

Similarly, speaking about Catholics who dissent on Church teaching about contraception, the Canadian bishops wrote in 1968, "Since they are not denying any point of divine and Catholic faith nor rejecting the teaching authority of the Church, these Catholics should not be considered nor consider themselves cut off from the body of the faithful."


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N.B. Jozef Wissink spreekt in zijn artikel over open orthodoxie over pater Frans Visser o.s.b.